Diary of my first marionette

In July 2016, I started a small project to make my first marionette. 


The marionette was a french bulldog. Before making it, I had already named. It’s “Jinni.” So He is Jinni the marionette frenchie.

First of all, I designed drawings. As I told you, I hadn’t made any marionettes before. So, I drew some blueprints with my imagination.




Then, I started making each part. The material is wood.







Head and Jaw




All parts

I made most parts. And I brushed them up.



And tail

I put a heart-shaped tail on the body.



Fixing the shape of the head

I fixed the shape of the head with wood clay.




I painted those body parts with acrylic colors.




I made several types of eyes with stone powder clay, and painted with acrylic colors. Simple black and white eyes were suitable for the face.



Setting up the body

You can see the Jinni on Youtube.

His name is “Jinni the marionette frenchie.”